Lighting Designs Create Great Interest

Lighting Designs Create Great Interest

It can be very exciting to decorate your home. You will find that all the basic components are there such as walls, windows and doors and most will be basic materials such as plaster, wood or stone. You may discover that your budget is low or that your tastes are very specific which can also add to the challenge if you are trying to change the feel of the space.

It can be very easy to create drama in a room by adding unique decorative items such as lighting fixtures. Lighting can create the illusion to make a space appear much larger than it really is and it does not require any technical know-how.

It is important to know what effect you want to use when you are placing your lighting fixtures. Some lighting designs create an overall bright feeling making a space look larger than it really is. Other lighting designs will have no impact on the room’s size. You may want to place a spotlight just beyond a person’s reach or on an architectural feature that could cause the furniture within to look out-of-place.

Lighting can also be used to create interest within a room. Some lighting designs will create a conversation area within a room. You could place a grouping of three floor lamps just at the center of a room to create this interest. The floor lamps could be placed in a triangle or such that three lamps would be just past the first to three lamps would be just past second to third to create this space. You may also want to create one long, central light source within the room to highlight a focal point such as a fireplace or window or art work.

As you can see, it can be quite easy and simple to create an entire space of great interest with basic light fixtures. These lights will not have any type of sophisticated look as they are quite basic in design and make a great impact.